Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Austerity, economy class and the common man

There's a mad rush among 'netas' to fly economy class in flights these days. Some have gone a step further and have started taking trains. These are unsual times for our comfort-loving politicans...

The Congress party's austerity drive, or rather the overdrive, is spreading like a wildfire. Every leader worth his salt wants to prove his loyalty by making their 'economy class' travel plans public.

But just spare a thought for the common man. The grand show of austerity has come with a price for them.

I am not a frequent flyer but I shudder to think if I have to board one such flight where a VVIP will be sitting in the economy class. Apart from the additional security hassles, every movement will be watched by the over-zealous security men who will no doubt accompany the VVIP. We may just have to sit like a statue.

It is learnt that some Ministers and Congressmen are not too happy for stretching the austerity drive to such ridiculous levels. But who dares to defy the diktat.

A minister found himself in a spot of bother because of his Twitter message "in cattle class out of solidarity with our holy cows". Needless to say, he was immediately pulled up for the remark.

But have these austerity measures helped in curbing expenses ? Is it really helping in any way ? Ask the common man, and you will get the answer.

I do believe that high-flying politicians need to be austere in their lifestyles, but just by flying economy class will not make much of a difference. There are surely better and more effective ways of doing it.

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