Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oye Sehwag, don't want to be captain ?

India's dashing opener Virender Sehwag has dropped a bombshell. He doesn't want to be the captain of the Indian cricket team.

Like his uncomplicated batting style, a candid Viru came out with a suggestion that a new face should be given the responsibility of vice-captaincy so that he can be groomed to take the reins after skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

"I don't want to be a captain, I have already told selectors about it. I have said that a new player should be made vice-captain and be groomed to be a captain," Sehwag told a television channel.

But the question is has Viru ever been offered the captaincy ? Why should he talk about not being interested in captaincy when there is no such proposal at all.

True, Sehwag has been the vice-captain for some time now but Indian cricket, like the game itself, is known for its glorious uncertainty. There have been innumerable instance when long-standing vice-captains have been overlooked for the hot seat. Ask Yuvraj Singh, a favourite vice captain for long till he lost that position also.

Every cricketer harbours the dream of leading the country at some stage of his career. Some say it openly while others just keep it to themselves, but there is no doubt that everyone has this desire.

Sehwag does things differently. It is all fine to give up the lure of captaincy to concentrate on batting. But is there something else ?

Viru also lavishly praised Sourav Ganguly as the best ever captain for India but not a word was mentioned about current skipper Dhoni. Will this trigger a fresh round of speculation of a rift between the two ?

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