Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bhajji Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai ?

Harbhajan Singh has done it again.
The feisty spinner, who has now made it a habit to find himself in one controversy after another, has delivered a strong message to his tri-series opponents Sri Lanka and New Zealand.
Bhajji has been using his hands to good effect of late and it was the turn of an unsuspecting cameraman in Bangalore to bear the brunt of his foul mood. Fortunately it was only a jab...Lucky man, this cameraman.

I dont know what the Indians practiced at the recent preparatory camp in Bangalore, but the quick jab executed by Bhajji will make an ace pugilist like Vijender Singh proud.

True, Bhajji may have lost his cool after hordes of mediamen virtually mobbed him at the airport and a camera hit him on the head. It was just an accidental collision, but our star player thought it otherwise. Is this not a part and parcel of celebrity status ?

It does not take much for Bhajji to whip himself into a combative mood. His dubious disciplinary record shows that cricket's concept of being a 'gentleman's game' has not appealed to him much.

Well, this incident may help Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his men in Sri Lanka. Bhajji's 'jab show' may leave the opposition teams redrawing their strategies and opting for extra protection. Will it be a 'doosra' or a jab ?
Picture: PTI

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Anorak said...

Well, doosra is getting old and predictable and with Cricketing world's (read Aussies) bitterness rewards doosras, it was high-time for Bhajji to invent something new ... well 'Jab' it Bhajji ... next time, no 'Sree, symonds and harry' will bully you....keep walking!!!